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"They cannot hear me, because the sound of who I am is deafening them"

DISCLAIMER: This page is a page dedicated to my alter-ego 'Lorry'. It may not always have that much to do with me, Michael Lawrie, excepting that obviously I wrote it all. If you don't understand why that makes an important difference then I request that you don't carry on reading these pages. This page is meant for entertainment and informational use only; it is my personal page and not my professional page. My professional page was here if you are interested. These days I don't really do any of that stuff any more unless somebody pays me a small fortune but it's an interesting bit of history.

Assuming you do understand the difference, then enter of your own free will and be welcome... I use this page more as a storage area for myself than as a webpage that people are meant to look at; it is my scrapbook on the Internet - Feel free to browse it if you are interested but bear in mind that you may get terribly bored.

Do not read any further in these pages unless you are visiting in good faith. You are not permitted to steal anything, gather anything for the purposes of incriminating me or anybody else nor use anything on these pages without my specific, written permission. Anyway, now all that is sorted, have fun.

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All about me:

Firstly I guess, something about me in my "Me, myself and I" page.

Alternatively, though I resisted for many years, I do now have a weblog of sorts.

The following are various things about me, my web pages and loads of pictures, that you can browse:

And last, but not least...

My own page links

Various other links I like:

These are links that I originally decided to put on this web page because they were cute in some way. I also have another page that is devoted to my Web Pages Of The Day.

These ones have vanished alas...

The rest of this page got corrupted sometime in the dim and distant past... I hope nothing too important got lost.


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"The world is full of buttons, but none of them are mine..."

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