Truck Stop: Lorry's Scrapbook.

We're not worthy! - Lorry's Scrapbook.

I am fickle, these were my favourites at the time, they may not be any more, who knows, who cares?

The Beautiful.

The Beautiful - who aren't Juliette, Winona and Sandra.

You may not agree, but a section on people I admire.

A musical interlude.

If anyone has any good pictures of Juliette Lewis, Jennifer Jason Leigh or anyone else who just oozes cuteness, then please mail I am also after the picture of Zoe Ball that someone mailed me a while ago (and I lost, sorry!) - Oh yes, and if anyone has a decent picture of Zola Budd who, I have to admit, I was in lust with for years in 1986 ish, do please mail me one!

At some point soon, I am going to be replacing this scrapbook with a newer one. For now though, here is a preview.

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