After a year in mourning, we have a new half-mascot; Shrek the sheep. For Shrek's story - click here.
Our original mascot, Dolly the sheep died, on St. Valentine's Day, 2003. Goodbye Dolly!

Sheep and Woolly Resources

Click on our original mascot, Dolly, the sheep clone for a Dolly Slide Puzzle.
(Dolly was born July 5th, 1996 and died Feb 14th, 2003 aged six).

The Sheep and Woolly Resource Web Page.

This site came into being because Michael and Saggy decided there was a definite need for a web page to display the many and varied pictures of woolly jumpers we found on the web. There are millions of pages dedicated to people with no clothes on at all but, as far as we know, this is the only one dedicated to people wearing wool. Enjoy it!

To keep this site "interesting" we need more pointers to woolly jumpers and other interesting woolens. If you spot any you think we really should look at then post a note in the guestbook at the bottom of the page or, if it isn't working (it doesn't always) mail me at

I have tidied this front page up a bit now, so please select one or more of the following.

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Again... If you have any pictures of jumpers we should include, or links to excellent examples on the web, please feel free to mail

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