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Michael's Press.

I don't like press about me, and I don't usually collect it, but Sarah has harassed me for some, so I will pop a few quickly hunted out ones up. I have organised this into sections, though there are no garauntees that I will find anything for each section.

It may well help to read this explanation of why I registered before reading some of the press articles.

The Early days:

Lots of this isn't press, just things written about me, or sometimes with me - I thought I would start off with things that were generally nice though!

Harrods vs. Me:

The easiest way to do this one is simply to provide a batch of links. There are thousands on the web so you could try a narrowed down search.... The Harrods case was before the days that most of the newspapers were on-line so luckily, most of them are missing from this list! I believe I made the front page one of the biggies being called "The Information Superhighwayman" - I am quite pleased at that label!

There was a lot of crap written about the Harrods case, but the press were pretty much in the pockets of Fayed in those days - I suspect things would a lot different if this case were fought now. In an interesting turnaround from The Times branding me a near criminal for registering, they had an article last week about how enterprising people were for registering sites such as "" to cash in on someone else's name to make money from advertising. It was actually suggesting that people do it.

Anyway, here's a pretty random selection of articles:

BAA PLC. vs.

This one differed from Harrods in that the press clearly saw that BAA's case was seriously flawed - However, they won in the end and oddly, the press that previously supported me went very quiet.

There isn't anything here yet... But I suspect there will be soon...

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