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Some notes on this page

I don't have a page of the day every day because I don't often spot pages worthy of this. When I do, I shall put them here. There is no formal criteria for a "page of the day" because generally they just leaps out and shout. I have popped "pageoftheday@.." in front of the proper website address just so weird people can track the hits. They work fine like that. (Update after 2004 - I have removed this now to stop the bloody security alerts you get these days... Ah well!)

Unfortunately, it is the nature of these pages of the day that they often don't stay around for very long. I have resisted the temptation to mirror them so once they are gone, they are gone forever. This means that a lot of the links may not work... I may occasionally check to see if they have moved, and put a new link up but that is as far as I will go to preserve these fleeting glimpses of Web history.

If your page features in this and you want a cute little thing to say you got an award, then just write your own or something because we don't have one to give. I hope you like some of these as much as we did. Should you wish to pass these on, try and mention so they know where the hits are from (hear that

Should you wish to nominate a page, mail me at Make 'em truly worthy though! Since people occasionally ask, the guidelines are roughly as follows:

  1. The pages must be original: These days, a lot of pages try and ride in the wake of a good and original page but when you look closely at them they are really nothing more than publicity seeking shams.
  2. The pages must have some pedigree: It is not sufficient for a page to just appear out of nowhere, unless of course they are something completely new and original.
  3. The pages should hopefully be born out of obsession: The Information Superhammock is the perfect place to share an obsession with a world that generally couldn't give a toss. We do though! We are there for these people. We like missions, the world may not care but we want to hear your story!
  4. They have to make us go "Wow": The longer the pause between taking a breath and going "Wow", the better the page is likely to be.
  5. If not a "Wow", a giggle or an urge to vomit will do: The giggle or vomit factor must not be forgotten.
  6. Anything but the most subtle advertising tends to lose a lot of brownie points.

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