Truck Stop: About the animals.

About the animals...

The pets section of this used to be a lot longer though so due to popular demand (all two of you) I have put some of the old bits back and updated it just a teensy bit.

When I started doing this web page I had two rats called Runt and Crapper. Crapper developed a rather nasty tumour and was put down on 14th Jan, 1996 and Runt (her sister) died soon after. Shortly after starting the page, I bought two more rats, Lillith and Boggle, a rabbit called Cloud Berry, lots of mice, two really cute, but foul bank-voles called Squidgy and Puddle. Puddle committed suicide by drowning in November 1995 and (thankfully!) Squidgy died not too long afterwards.

When Jim decided to go back up north he left me his Hamster who started life as Harry and ended life as a rather stiff "Angelica Clare Hamster". When Lucy left to go down south she left me her Bosc Monitor Lizard, also called Harry. Somewhere along the way a pidgeon with a broken wing adopted me. At first he hobbled around the house for a few months but I got fed up of him crapping all over the place so I put him in a cage and called him Pidge. He spent quite a lot of time sharing Berry's rabbit hutch before this which was quite sweet.

I had adopted a grey wolf at London Zoo for quite a while but they moved the wolves to Whipsnade and took my little adoption plate off the cage. Ah well!

When Berry left to move in with Lucy and Tilly, Pidge started getting a bit miserable so I took him to an animal sanctuary. At roughly the same time I took Harry (the lizard) to a reptile shop where he could be looked after properly (I admit it, I don't like lizards, though Harry was rather cute). This left me animal-less and in March 1997 I aquired the two little fluffy feline nuisances, Poggin and Toerag, that are now larger hairy nuisances. Toerag was run over on the 25th of July, 1998 so now I am just left with Poggin.

I wasn't going to update this after 1998 but what the hell. I found a picture of my old dog, Sam, a cross collie - labrador which was quite sweet.

Poggin grew up into a quite sweet cat. Amy got some new kittens, Tink is the black and white one, and Herbie was the black one. Herbie was killed when she was about 8 months old. Tink is now reasonably grown up and sweet, in her own demented, small creature murdering way.

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